Our Story


Learn About the Home of Delicious New Orleans Cuisine

New Orleans Food and Spirits began 24 years ago in Harvey, Louisiana. Two years later, we opened another restaurant in Bucktown in Metairie. Then three years after that, we opened one more in Downtown Covington. Since then, we have expanded the Harvey and the Bucktown location as well as our menus.

What Makes  Us Special

What Makes Us Special

Affordability, Variety, and Consistency—these are the three factors that make our restaurant a beloved part of the community. We have a wide selection of flavorful dishes with tastes that never change and at prices that will make you come back for more.

Our Business Approach

In addition to our service, the quality and cleanliness of our food is always our top priority. We prepare and cook every dish in our own restaurants to ensure their freshness. We also strive to improve every day, so we can provide you with the dining experience you deserve.


Connect With Us

Our restaurants’ success is possible thanks to all our customers, which is why we value your thoughts and concerns. If you have any questions, get in touch with us today.